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Nucao creates vegan, organic, low carb and no plastic chocolate bars: “Our vision of the ideal chocolate includes the finest flavour, high-quality ingredients, no empty calories and a nonprofit mission.” Their packaging consists of compostable films & recycled cardboard and, their chocolates are 100% fair-trade and organic. For every bar sold, they plant a tree with their partner: Eden Projects!


Enjoy a delicious chocolate bar whilst gaining nutritional benefits, supporting local businesses and contributing to a better, sustainable world! Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get TWO of these phenomenal bars.

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Prthv reduces waste by re-purposing and up-cycling, utilising a timeless, transparent and circular model of business! Support local businesses by spending your dollars in this phenomenal, ethical & women-owned social enterprise: “Our goal isn’t limited to reducing waste in our process of creating but also to create products that ultimately reduce it for you.” They sell a variety of products aiding individuals in a zero-waste lifestyle, such as produce bags, soapberries, EcoFemme washable pads and metal straws.

Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a reusable Prthv METAL STRAW, in an up-cycled pouch produced from discarded fabrics.

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MANA! is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant & minimum waste establishment, selling plant-based and whole-food dishes! Their conscious business movement has led them to win many awards, including the Best Sustainability Initiative award and the Best Plant-based restaurant award. All their packaging is 100% compostable & biodegradable, and they save 3 tonnes of food scraps on a monthly basis which they donate to HK’s local organic farms. MANA! is truly a PHENOMENAL restaurant, serving a large variety of wraps, burgers, snacks, drinks, and desserts with ethically/sustainably sourced ingredients! Even the restaurant itself: with mantras on the wall, soothing music and comfortable seating.

Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a $100 OFF VOUCHER IN MANA! 

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Treehouse Eco is a plant-based restaurant guided by a zero-waste, ethical & sustainable philosophy. Striving to keep food waste to a minimum, they compost all their leftover food. All their produce is seasonal, certified organic, nutritious & locally sourced (which is very difficult considering almost 100% of HK’s produce is imported). They only use compostable or biodegradable packaging made from rice starch from Vegware. Even the restaurant itself is sustainable, using lead-free eco cement with 100% recycled plastic furniture. Lastly, for every combo on the menu purchased, they donate trees to the Eden reforestation project - they have helped plant over 43,160 trees so far!

Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a 15% OFF DISCOUNT at Treehouse Eco! 

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Tailor Baked is a small women-owned business in Hong Kong, producing freshly delectable goods. Varying from cakes and chocolates to savory delights like focaccia breads and sushis, with it being completely plant-based. Along with the delicious options, they take custom orders catering to your desire. 


 Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a 10% discount at Tailor Baked!

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Calmed & Co is a wellness company that tackles anxiety, pain and insomnia through vegan and animal cruelty-free products. The power of CBD Products help calm and enlighten your mood while being fast-absorbing and highly efficient. 


Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a $100 OFF VOUCHER at Calmed & Co!

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Bien Caramelise is Hong Kong’s first patisserie to produce delicious classic french delicacies that are entirely plant-based! Cien Caramelised bakes phenomenal rich and creamy goods, varying from Mille-feuilles and seasonal tarts to Paris-Brest, and éclairs. Bien Caramelise also sources ingredients locally and organically to support small businesses. 


Enjoy exquisitely fresh baked goods by purchasing our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a 30% discount coupon!

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Please Drink Sustainably provides the finest reusable cups that are 100% degradable and designed to be more cost-effective. Along with the large variety of designed cups, they partnered with 8 incredible Asian artists to create abstract art with unique styles providing us with extraordinary options. Additionally, they rent reusable cups on a larger scale for events such as sports stadiums, music spaces or sports clubs.


“Every purchase is a great way to support our goals of a disposable free future and a platform for independent creative talent. Disposable doesn’t need to be the norm.” Purchase our Lives Without Knives Challenge to get a 20% discount at Please Drink Sustainably!

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