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Our Top 6 Vegan YouTubers

I know people who went vegan in a day. They threw away their animal products, resolved to eat plant-based forever, and started cooking. Or, they tried but didn’t know where to start.

This is no longer a worry for us, thankfully. With Youtube in our hands, finding vegan recipes are much easier and simpler than ever before. Not so sure about what to make for dinner? Want to make a dessert? Here’s a list of SIX vegan YouTubers that easily demonstrate convenient and simple recipes for YOUR next meal!

  1. Amanda Ducks

Amanda Ducks makes weekly videos of ‘What I Eat In A Day’ alongside other personal contents. She was the first vegan Youtuber I ever watched, and it’s safe to say that I came for the food but stayed for her amazing personality. She’s super friendly, her videos always make me smile, and she’s living her best self at Gold Coast, Australia. What more can you ask?

For the foodies out there, her channel comprises both sweet and savoury dishes - all of which looks delicious. Her most iconic recipes are probably her chocolate shakes and tomato pasta, but she posts lots of other recipes on her website, Instagram and Youtube too!


2. Avantgardevegan

Avantgardevegan (real name Gaz Oakley) worked as a professional chef before going vegan 5 years ago. He makes a variety of vegan recipe videos on a wide range of foods, e.g. comfort food, one-pot meals, vegetables etc. He also posts videos on his other interests like fitness, fashion, travel, music and the vegan lifestyle.


3. Rachel Ama

Based in England, Rachel Ama is #LivingThatVeganLife whilst sharing her amazing vegan recipes and food reviews. She loves big flavours, lots of textures, colours and hearty food while getting a lot of inspiration from her African and Caribbean roots. She once said she enjoyed playing around with flavours and textures of food she loved but in a “plant-based way”.

Her Youtube channel also curates a growing insider's guide on the best natural beauty products, tips and tricks. She has such fabulous skin so she clearly knows what she’s talking about :)


Instagram @rachelama_

4. Yeung Man Cooking

Wil Yeung is a professional photographer and a Youtube cook. He teaches cooking on his channel, ranging from chocolatey Nutella to delicious plant-based ramen. With new videos every week, you’ll learn to make easy and vegan meals from a range of cuisines easily. He also has a Masterclass on vegan sushi-making - something you should definitely check out!


Vegan Recipes Website:

Photography Website:

Photography Instagram: @wyphotography

Photography Facebook: Wil Yeung Photography

Vegan Recipes Instagram: @mr_wilyeung

Vegan Recipes Facebook: mrwilyeung

5. Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin Shoemaker is the creator of the blog From My Bowl and is a full-time blogger and content creator. She started From My Bowl in early 2016 because she’s passionate about the power of veganism and believes that vegan food does not have to be expensive, complicated, or bland. I enjoy her channel because of her amiable demeanour and because she explains everything clearly and concisely. She also uses her pressure cooker a lot, so if you want to learn how to cook vegan food with it - oatmeal, rice and budget-friendly meals then, her channel is for you.


Instagram: @frommybowl

6. Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia now has over 450k subscribers with videos about vegan food, decluttering her life, simplifying her beauty routine and living in Cornwall. Her main message is that one is never too small to make a difference environmentally and that it is okay not to be perfect all the time! Her videos are also always beautifully shot, so if you’re a sucker for aesthetics (like me) then, you will love her channel.


Written by Kadence Wong

Edited by Eunice Pang

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